What is a Pipe and What is a Tube? Are They the Same?


Tubing is generally used for structural applications and piping is used as a vessel to move fluids or gas.


pipeSince piping is used to move fluids and gas, the inside dimension is important for calculating how much of the media can be transported. The pipe size is nominal and has no direct relationship to the actual OD (outer diameter) of the pipe. Pipe sizes are given with the NPS (nominal pipe size) and a schedule, which designates the wall thickness. Lower schedules will represent a lighter wall.





Tubing, on the other hand, is designated by OD and wall thickness. Tube sizes are given by the exact outside diameter. Tubing is widely used in the medical industry, on weapon parts, heat exchangers, and boiler tubes where  precision is key and the outside dimensions need to be exact.



We offer corrosion resistant alloy seamless and welded pipe in full lengths and cut-to-length pieces, depending upon your needs. We offer custom non-standard pipe including large and small O.D. and heavy or thin wall per your request. Further processing options include drilling, boring, milling and threading.  We also supply corrosion resistant alloy tubing in welded and seamless forms.