Eco-friendly Packaging

Recyclable Paperboard Protects Material and Reduces Environmental Footprint

How can we protect our most sensitive corrosion resistant alloys and be kind to the environment at the same time? Corrosion Materials utilizes custom recyclable packaging to do just that.

Shipping globally from all our locations, we use all modes of transportation including parcel post, common carrier trucking, sea freight and airfreight. Some of the alloys we provide are sensitive to surface damage. Therefore, protective packaging is essential to customer satisfaction.

“When products are exposed to corrosive agents, those agents will typically attack areas on the product where there is a scratch or minor surface imperfection,” says Rob Hanks, Operations Manager for Corrosion Materials. “We experimented with samples of sturdy paperboard packaging, fine-tuned the specifications and have now been using it for several years.”

Corrosion Materials’ packaging consists of seamless “u-shaped” paperboard channels that fit snugly together, allowing us to ship long, narrow products in a package that is 100% recyclable.

After switching to this recyclable paperboard, we can reduce packaging and labor costs for shipping long and narrow products, while also providing a more eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solution for our customers.

Corrosion Materials, headquartered in Baker, LA, with additional warehouse facilities in Houston, TX, Bolingbrook, IL and Auburn, MA, distributes and processes corrosion-resistant alloys that are used in a variety of industries, including Chemical Processing, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Naval Defense and Power Generation.

Questions? Contact one of our experienced team members to help find what you’re looking for in our extensive inventory of corrosion resistant alloy products.