What is a Pipe and What is a Tube? Are They the Same?

What is a Pipe and What is a Tube? Are They the Same? THE SHORT ANSWER IS: Tubing is generally used for structural applications and piping is used as a vessel to move fluids or gas. ...AND HERE’S WHY: Since piping is used to move fluids and gas, the inside dimension is important for calculating [...]

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“Connecting” to the Value Chain

  "Connecting" to the Value Chain Many in the manufacturing world are constantly concerned with keeping up with what will be the next new thing in equipment.  Large companies can experiment with new pieces, but for many small and mid-sized companies, new equipment needs to be a solid investment.  With constant changes in technology, what [...]

2016 Manufacturing Forecast

  2016 Forecast for Manufacturing Here’s a few things you’ll want to watch in 2016.  Don’t get left behind! The Internet of Things - One of the skills that a new crop of workers should bring to the table are ones that can analyze the data they get from IoT output.  Even better are employees [...]

Burst Pressure – What It Is and Why It’s So Important

   When someone asks about the burst pressure of pipe, the best answer is a theoretical one.  Burst pressure is literally the pressure that a pressure vessel like pipe or tube can handle before rupturing or “bursting”.  Environmental conditions and other factors can play a part in how a pipe will fail.  Designing of a [...]