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Turn up the Heat

Melting Methods for Nickel Alloys By: Jacob Rodriguez, Metallurgist at Corrosion Materials   Have you ever wondered how the alloys you use in highly corrosive applications are melted?  Corrosion Materials Metallurgist, Jacob Rodriguez, will explain the various melt processes for wrought Nickel Alloys. An ideal melt will consist of the following traits: [...]

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Imagine the World of Nickel

Nickel is a part of our natural world and, in the modern world, one of the highest performance products. It is the fifth most common element. Each year, 1.9 million tons is used and the industry supports two million (2M) jobs globally. A small amount of nickel is used as a product [...]

Fe2O3 Never Sleeps

Fe2O3 Never Sleeps Normally when someone hears about corrosion, they think it is a bad thing.  This is true in the case when steel “rusts” or creates an iron oxide on its surface.  This exposes the metal and subjects it to further corrosive attack.  The oxide is created when the iron in the alloy reacts with oxygen [...]

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Effects of Alloying Elements in Nickel-Base Alloys

Effects of Alloying Elements in Nickel-Base Alloys The different elements that make up an alloy can drastically change the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and the metal's microstructure. While chromium, nickel, molybdenum, iron may be the primary alloying elements, other elements like tungsten, carbon, aluminum, titanium, copper and sulfur can have significant effects as well. Understanding [...]


HEAT TREATING NICKEL ALLOYS Heat treatments are done to alloys and metals to change the properties to fit certain situations. Not all heat treatments are created equal. Because each metal has its own composition, heating and cooling operations performed on the metals to alter their properties happen at different temperatures.  Heat treating Fe based alloys [...]

Material Handling Product News: Corrosion Materials new paperboard packaging cuts labor costs and eliminates product damage for long and narrow products.

Material Handling Product News: Corrosion Materials new paperboard packaging cuts labor costs and eliminates product damage for long and narrow products. Corrosion Materials, with headquarters in Baker, La., and additional warehouse facilities in Houston and Chicago, distributes corrosion-resistant alloys that are fabricated into products for industries such as petrochemical, chemical process, oil field, pharmaceutical and desalinization [...]

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Actioncam, Multimedia Player, Gaming Machine and More!

Credit Card Sized Tool Nearly five years ago, Iain Sinclair Designs launched a credit card-sized compact camera concept called the Poco Pro. Though it generated quite a bit of interest, component supply difficulties meant that the project quickly ran aground. Now Iain's son, Grant, has updated the design and launched an Indiegogo to bring the [...]

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ALLOY DIVERSITY – Shape Memory Alloys in the Bionic Hand

German researchers using nitinol wires have developed a bionic hand that uses the shape-memory alloy to mimic the contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers. When an electrical charge is applied, the nitinol wires contract, just as muscle fibers do. When the charge is turned off, the wires return to their original shape. The wires are strands of nickel-titanium alloy about [...]

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How are you selecting fluid system components for use in sour oilfields?

“The conditions under which oil and gas are brought from their reservoirs to the surface can be outright hostile to many common materials used in fluid system components employed in the industry.” According to Dr. Gerhard Schiroky, potentially dangerous mechanisms including localized corrosion, stress corrosion cracking (SCC), and sulfide stress cracking (SSC) have become increasingly [...]