Digital Trends

Top 10 Trends for Digital Transformation In 2018 You could say it’s been an eventful year in digital transformation. User experience (UX), big data, smart machines — and of course, change itself—have proven big players in the business landscape this year. As we round the bend to 2018, we get a sense of what’s [...]

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Machine Learning & Cyber Security to Drive Future of Transport

    Cyber security, virtual reality and machine learning have been identified as key areas that will inform and evolve the ever-changing global transport landscape, with a series of ground-breaking research projects being delivered over the coming year by experts from the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL). The critical topics of cyber security, virtual reality and [...]

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Should companies get back to basics & make sure processes are ready to scale or focus on IoT?

Embracing Lean Manufacturing Fundamentals As technology and the Industrial Internet of Things march onward, perhaps it's time for companies to go back to basics and make sure their processes are ready to scale. by  Steve Garbrecht The question is this: Why, by a margin of nearly 3:1, are manufacturers implementing cross-functional groups to improve operational [...]

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How GE Could Become The Apple Of The Industrial Internet

How GE Could Become The Apple Of The Industrial Internet General Electric doesn't just make jet engines, wind turbines and locomotives anymore. It now makes data centers -- that also happen to power airplanes, harness wind energy and ride the rails. Connecting these machines is a GE software platform that could underpin an Industrial Internet ecosystem [...]

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“Connecting” to the Value Chain

  "Connecting" to the Value Chain Many in the manufacturing world are constantly concerned with keeping up with what will be the next new thing in equipment.  Large companies can experiment with new pieces, but for many small and mid-sized companies, new equipment needs to be a solid investment.  With constant changes in technology, what [...]

2016 Manufacturing Forecast

  2016 Forecast for Manufacturing Here’s a few things you’ll want to watch in 2016.  Don’t get left behind! The Internet of Things - One of the skills that a new crop of workers should bring to the table are ones that can analyze the data they get from IoT output.  Even better are employees [...]