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Actioncam, Multimedia Player, Gaming Machine and More!

Credit Card Sized Tool Nearly five years ago, Iain Sinclair Designs launched a credit card-sized compact camera concept called the Poco Pro. Though it generated quite a bit of interest, component supply difficulties meant that the project quickly ran aground. Now Iain's son, Grant, has updated the design and launched an Indiegogo to bring the [...]

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ALLOY DIVERSITY – Shape Memory Alloys in the Bionic Hand

German researchers using nitinol wires have developed a bionic hand that uses the shape-memory alloy to mimic the contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers. When an electrical charge is applied, the nitinol wires contract, just as muscle fibers do. When the charge is turned off, the wires return to their original shape. The wires are strands of nickel-titanium alloy about [...]

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