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Nickel Recycling

    Recycling nickel is an important factor in nickel life-cycle and an important contributor to global sustainability. Products containing nickel, such as stainless steel, are durable and are in use for a long time. The demand for nickel is growing. Nickel is part of the solution, as a complement to primary production. Download the [...]

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Oil and Gas Mergers and Acquisitions Are Finally Making a Comeback

    Oil and gas players are finally inking new mergers and acquisitions, after nearly two years of moribund deal activity. Deal-making hit a soft spot following the 2014 oil bust as banks tightened lending to distressed drillers and buyers and sellers remained at odds over the value of energy assets. Now, climbing crude prices, [...]

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Improving Manufacturing Productivity Hinges On Keeping Those Computers Fully Operational

    Manufacturers worldwide are bemoaning that computer-controlled systems, used as part of day-to-day production processes, are unreliable and create more problems than they solve. From a manufacturing perspective, there’s nothing more frustrating than computer downtime cutting into valuable production time and setting a project back by hours, days and sometimes weeks. However, time and again, [...]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We will be closed on Friday, December 23rd and Monday, December 26th for Christmas and Monday, January 2nd for New Years. As always, our 24 Hour Emergency Service is available at 800.535.8032. We look forward to working with you again in the coming year!

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Why You May Never Have To Visit A Gas Station Again, Even If You Don’t Have An Electric Car

    One of the alluring aspects of owning an electric car is the ability to charge the batteries in one’s garage, thus avoiding the inconvenience of having to stop at a gas station to fill the tank, which can be especially welcome when the weather turns foul. Now a Mountain View, Calif. startup company [...]

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What is the difference between hardness and toughness of a metal?

What is the difference between hardness and toughness of a metal?     The ASM Metals Handbook defines hardness as "Resistance of metal to plastic deformation, usually by indentation" (asmmaterials.info).  Therefore, when a compressive force is administered to a solid matter, we can measure how resistant it is to permanently changing shape. Why is this [...]

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  VIRGINIA CLASS SUBMARINES   Designed by Electric Boat, the Virginia-class is being built jointly under a teaming arrangement between Electric Boat and Northrop Grumman Newport News in Virginia. In 1998, the U.S. Navy awarded a $4.2 billion contract for the construction of the first four ships of the class. Virginia is the first of [...]

Machine Learning & Cyber Security to Drive Future of Transport

    Cyber security, virtual reality and machine learning have been identified as key areas that will inform and evolve the ever-changing global transport landscape, with a series of ground-breaking research projects being delivered over the coming year by experts from the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL). The critical topics of cyber security, virtual reality and [...]

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Harley-Davidson’s New Milwaukee-Eight Engine Debuts In 2017 Touring Motorcycle Lineup

    Harley-Davidson motorcycles have always been defined by their engines. Owners and loyalists know the names and nicknames for each successive powerplant version. A new engine represents the start of a new generation of Big Twin. So, when H-D revealed its 2017 Touring lineup with the new Milwaukee-Eight engine, the motorcycling public took notice. [...]

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Eight Factors That Influence Oil Prices

This is an excellent illustration by the CME Group that explains the many variables behind the price of crude oil and ultimately the price we pay for gasoline. Some of these factors are the increase in global demand as well as a fear of geopolitical conflicts that can create a great deal of uncertainty around the supply [...]

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