Alloy 405 / UNS N04405


Nickel-copper alloy R-405 (UNS N04405) is the free-machining grade of alloy 400. Its greater sulfur content enhances machinability. It has basically the same corrosion resistance and physical properties as alloy 400, but a slightly different range of mechanical properties. Alloy R-405 is used mainly for automatic- screw-machine stock and is not generally recommended for other applications.


QQN281 D Class B Form 1 Amendment I & II, AMS 4674F or latest, ASTM B164, ASME SB164, NACE MR0175, Cold Drawn, Stress Relieved

Data Sheet

Chemical Composition:

Element Nickel Cobalt Copper Iron Carbon Silicon
Avg. Nominal % - - - - - -

Standard Products

Alloy 405 Bar

Alloy 405 Fasteners

Alloy 405 Flanges

Nickel Alloy Flanges

Alloy 405 Welding Product

Alloy 405 Machined Parts

Alloy 405 Welded Components