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Internal Corrosion Sampling

Corrosion is a large and complex issue that is critical to the chemical process industries (CPI) as well as other industry sectors. Corrosion not only affects personal property like cars and homes but also affects commercial assets such as storage tanks, buildings, bridges, process equipment, and all types of piping. While corrosion is seen every [...]

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C276 – When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

    The best heat exchangers have stood the test of time because of proper material planning.  In the heat exchanger industry, it is very important to minimize downtime and keep productivity at an optimal level.  Equipment is expected to perform well without excessive maintenance. When performing maintenance, there are numerous variables to be addressed.  [...]

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Nickel Recycling

    Recycling nickel is an important factor in nickel life-cycle and an important contributor to global sustainability. Products containing nickel, such as stainless steel, are durable and are in use for a long time. The demand for nickel is growing. Nickel is part of the solution, as a complement to primary production. Download the [...]

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