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Harley-Davidson’s New Milwaukee-Eight Engine Debuts In 2017 Touring Motorcycle Lineup

    Harley-Davidson motorcycles have always been defined by their engines. Owners and loyalists know the names and nicknames for each successive powerplant version. A new engine represents the start of a new generation of Big Twin. So, when H-D revealed its 2017 Touring lineup with the new Milwaukee-Eight engine, the motorcycling public took notice. [...]

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Eight Factors That Influence Oil Prices

This is an excellent illustration by the CME Group that explains the many variables behind the price of crude oil and ultimately the price we pay for gasoline. Some of these factors are the increase in global demand as well as a fear of geopolitical conflicts that can create a great deal of uncertainty around the supply [...]

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Fe2O3 Never Sleeps

Fe2O3 Never Sleeps Normally when someone hears about corrosion, they think it is a bad thing.  This is true in the case when steel “rusts” or creates an iron oxide on its surface.  This exposes the metal and subjects it to further corrosive attack.  The oxide is created when the iron in the alloy reacts with oxygen [...]

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Are Trade Shows Still Worth the Investment?

  Trade shows in general and the manufacturing industry specifically has been hit hard in the past few years. Are they still worth attending? Here's what we know:   81% of trade show attendees have buying authority. Which means 4 out of 5  people walking the aisles are potential customers for exhibitors.   83% of exhibitors [...]

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