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Boiler Tube Corrosion: How It Starts and How You Can Finish It!

Boiler system corrosion is caused by the interaction of water chemistry, the environment of the facility, operation procedures, and materials used in the construction of the system.  It costs the industry billions of dollars every year through failures and reduced performance.  Finding a solution to your problem requires discovery of the exact corrosion path then [...]

Corrosion in Public Aquariums

Common Problems Faced By Aquarium Owners and Operators   Public aquariums have a unique set of corrosion-related obstacles to overcome, which must be addressed to avoid early-onset corrosion problems and mitigate corrosion if it does occur. Material selection and maintenance strategies are critical in this endeavor; however, the importance of corrosion education for designers and [...]

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Actioncam, Multimedia Player, Gaming Machine and More!

Credit Card Sized Tool Nearly five years ago, Iain Sinclair Designs launched a credit card-sized compact camera concept called the Poco Pro. Though it generated quite a bit of interest, component supply difficulties meant that the project quickly ran aground. Now Iain's son, Grant, has updated the design and launched an Indiegogo to bring the [...]

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Burst Pressure – What It Is and Why It’s So Important

   When someone asks about the burst pressure of pipe, the best answer is a theoretical one.  Burst pressure is literally the pressure that a pressure vessel like pipe or tube can handle before rupturing or “bursting”.  Environmental conditions and other factors can play a part in how a pipe will fail.  Designing of a [...]